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ChartScribe: Digital Transcription & Patient Charting Services

To help physicians generate correct and timely patient charts and better manage their time, MTBC has developed a convenient digital transcription service, ChartScribe.

With ChartScribe, you can send us your digital audio dictation and we will transcribe complete patient charts directly to your EHR portal. MTBC has dedicated medical language specialists, thoroughly trained in many healthcare specialties, to produce accurate patient charts.

Since ChartScribe is fully integrated with MTBC proprietary EHR, patient charts and data will be quickly updated and be available across the healthcare continuum, facilitating coordinated and collaborative care delivery.

The creation, editing and signing of progress notes has been added as a new menu set objective in MU stage 3. ChartScribe is an appropriate method for creating progress notes under the MU requirement.

With Correct & Timely Patient Charts, Physicians Can

Achieve Meaningful Use
Stage 3 Compliance

Reduce Billing Cycle Time and
Improve Collections

Improve Patient Safety
and Satisfaction

Eliminate the Headaches of
Physician Data Entry

Better Manage their Time to
Treat Patients and Schedule

Qualify for Federal Rebates
on EMR Software

Accuracy of Clinical Documentation

Variations in your charts may affect the quality of care that you provide.

Integrated Charting and Coding

Immediately update your patient charts with correct CPT & ICD codes directly into your practice’s EMR, eliminating bottlenecks in physician data entry.

Flexible Input

Just provide us electronic dictation with ICD & CPT codes.