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Real Time Adjudication Medical
Claims for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers using MTBC’s service will see accelerated collections through real-time adjudication (RTA) of claims with many major insurers including: UnitedHealthcare, Humana, BCBS-FL, BCBS-PA, and BCBS-WV. We are currently in testing with a number of other national and regional payers for RTA.

As a result, during a patient encounter at the office, doctors and their staff members will be able to instantly calculate the patient's responsibility and learn of submission errors or rejections. Moreover, the time span for processing and reimbursement of claims will be markedly shortened because RTA claims are submitted earlier and given priority by the insurer.

Advantages of RTA

  • Provider is able to calculate the patient's responsibility at the time of service
  • RTA claims are given priority in adjudication by the Payer, so the entire time-span of the claims-processing is shortened.
  • The RTA module informs MTBC of errors in the claims in real-time as opposed to submitting the claim and learning of the mistake days later via the rejection responses.