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Medical Transcripts Dictation App

To simplify your dictation and chart creation, MTBC has launched a new dictation recorder application for iPhone, Android and Windows 8 phone: the MTBC Dictate. Dictate is a dictation recorder and a digital chart creator.

Our transcription experts would then upload your transcribed patient charts directly to your portal, based on your recording and patient charts.

Dictate App Features

  • Record and playback your dictation on your iPhone or Android device
  • Create patient charts and take clinical notes against scheduled visits
  • Upload and sign any patient documents, including tests
  • Send your dictation and patient charts directly to your Practice portal and receive complete transcribed patient charts, created in your EHR

Dictate would help you save time previously spent upon recording dictation and creating patient charts manually and also help reduce transcription errors. Dictate is a complementary application of our digital Transcription services.