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EHR Document Management and Storage

EHR Document Management and Storage

MTBC now offers comprehensive document management services to digitize and convert all your patient information paper records and other transactional documentation into comprehensive electronic medical records, so you can achieve a truly efficient and cost effective paperless practice environment while also ensuring maximum information security and continuity of care.

MTBC Document Management Services consist of indexing, old charts scanning & indexing, uploading data and images to an EMR/EHR. The important factor that makes MTBC’s Indexing Services stand out from the competitors is that, we offer superior services to scan old medical charts and index them thoroughly to get the best chronological data.

We will index all your scanned papers, patient records and transactions into digital records and transfer them into the practice EMR that way you can not only preserve your historical patient data but also have 24/7 access to critical patient information to provide critical patient care anytime.

Our Document Management Services package includes

  • Quick scanning & indexing of large amount of documents.
  • Data verification & authentication.
  • High Support of multi-page documents and relevant attachments.
  • Digitization of backlog charts & papers will enable practices to search a record quickly and efficiently.

With digital medical records, you can

  • Create holistic and integrated patient records incorporating information from both paper and digital records.
  • Facilitate cost effective paperless practice environment.
  • Enable continuity of care with access to historical patient & medication data.
  • Establish a central document repository to enable speedy access.
  • Deploy stringent privacy standards and ensure patient information security.
  • Provide prompt patient services and faster response with 24/7 access to patient information.
  • Meet HIPAA security and privacy regulations.
  • Reduce health data disparities, anomalies & duplication.
  • Have data transparency.
  • Save up to 80%-90% of your document filing time and space.
  • Eliminate chart costs and off-site storage expenses.
  • Have direct access to patient charts anytime & anyplace.