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Patient's Healthcare Insurance

Patient's Healthcare Insurance Eligibility Verification

MTBC’s comprehensive practice management system provides instant and on demand online insurance eligibility confirmation across key government and commercial insurance payers. This feature eliminates the need for other programs or calls to insurance companies to verify eligibility. Practices using this feature will no longer need to be concerned about lost revenue due to delays or errors in eligibility verification.

Confirm patient eligibility instantaneously!

Upon entering basic patient insurance information, you receive instant notification of the patient’s eligibility. MTBC’s real-time eligibility verification service is fully integrated with our web-based billing platform and EHR, so your online scheduler is updated in real-time to reflect the patient’s eligibility status. Your scheduler refreshes on a continuous basis to ensure that eligibility information is completely accurate and up-to-date.

MTBC provides real-time insurance eligibility verification at no additional charge for all clients using our billing and practice management solutions.