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Hospitals & Health

Hospitals, health systems and their physician practices are focused on improving quality of care and addressing declining reimbursement, increased risk, and margin pressure. MTBC can assist organizations in maximizing revenue cycle efficiency, improving operational workflow and enhancing the patient experience. We offer true back-end follow up services, unlike competitors who only do initial interviews (including documentation review) with the field services team.

Patient Advocacy Services

MTBC offers hospitals with on-premises eligibility services to determine if self-pay patients qualify for any potential Medicaid, ACA, Commercial Insurance, or Charity Care (State-run or internal).

Best Practice Deployment:
  • Trained on-site and back office financial counselors
  • Database matching for 3rd party coverage & governmental payer eligibility
  • Field service team
  • Workflow management to maximize patient contact
  • Patient friendly letter series
  • Robust client reporting
Results You Can Expect:
  • Increased speed of cash collection reclassification of self-pay receivables to governmental payers
  • Reduced internal costs to collect
  • Deploy state of the art technology to enhance probability of cash collection in typically low cash receivable
  • Low A/R days as a result of reclassification
  • Lower bad debt/write-off
  • Overall improvements in revenue cycle indicators


Data Entry, Admission Intake & Insurance Eligibility / VOB

Coding & Credentialing (Including 75 Specialties & Sub-specialties)

Billing Statements Generation

Accounts Receivables Management

Denials & Appeals Management

Hospital Billing Collection Services

Self-pay Collection Services

Eligibility (Medicaid / ACA)

Business Intelligence / Analytics