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iRx - E-Prescribing
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Studies have shown that electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) can significantly improve patient safety and reduce deaths due to prescription errors. iRx is an e-prescribing application for smartphones; using which you can write prescriptions from your smartphone.

By downloading iRx, you will be able to use your iPhone or android device to review complete drug contraindications for a selected drug including drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-allergy adverse reactions and other patient-specific factors such as immunizations, allergy and past medical history to make a safe drug and dosage decision and send the authorized prescriptions directly to the pharmacy.

By downloading iRx, you can do all of the following, using only your smartphone:

  • View complete patient chart including past medical history, allergies and immunizations before prescribing a drug
  • Authorize a new prescription and view all possible contraindications and adverse reactions against a selected drug
  • View prescribed medications history and patient-specific factors to make safe dosage decisions
  • Send prescription's directly to the pharmacy near the patient
  • Make outgoing calls to patients and pharmacies directly from the application
  • Search for pharmacies by name, zip code or contact number
  • Approve or deny refills requests on the go
  • Review prescribed medication list

iRx will improve the quality and accuracy of your care delivery and also:

  • Improve patient safety by thoroughly reviewing all adverse drug-contraindications before authorizing a prescription
  • Decrease prescription errors due to illegible handwriting, incorrect dosage specifications and errors in transmission
  • Respond to patient requests anywhere , anytime by sending prescription's to pharmacies 24/7
  • Deliver emergency care with immediate delivery of medication
  • Ensure medication adherence in your patients
  • Improve medication management by monitoring prescriptions picked up by the patient
  • Avoid penalties and earn incentive payments
  • Satisfy MU Stage 2 e-prescribing criteria to qualify for ARRA reimbursements

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