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iEHR - Electronic Health
Records App for iPad

Deliver patient care anywhere, anytime.

MTBC EHR for iPad has been designed with an intuitive interface to leverage maximum functionality and flexibility, so you can access critical clinical information anywhere - and improve patient safety and the quality of your care delivery.

Iehr Device Chart

Send Prescriptions Directly to Pharmacy

Authorize and send a new prescription directly to pharmacy by reviewing past medications history and patient-specific factors.

View Appointments

View all your upcoming patient appointments and reason for visit with complete past appointment history.

Review Complete Patient History

One-click access to the complete patient records; you can quickly scan the medication list, social history, past hospitalizations and contact information.

Chart at the Point of Care

Create and sign patient charts at the patient bed side or the exam room.

Create and Submit Super Bills

Create new super-bills and review past payment history.

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