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MU3 Certified
Electronic Health Records

talkEHR™ is a certified MACRA-ready electronic health records software that is a complete clinical automation solution to seamlessly connect patients, payers, labs, pharmacies, and other stakeholders of the patient journey. Medical Voice Assistant, Artificial Intelligence, and use of Blockchain technology makes our cloud-based talkEHR™ the perfect choice for solo practice as well as a multi-specialty group.


Intelligent Voice Assistant

“Allison” is the medical voice assistant that comes with talkEHR™ so you could interact with this software naturally, i.e. by talking. Allison helps you to avoid complicated menus, excessive clicking and typing.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

talkEHR™ is always learning from you. It improves the predictions as you spend more time with this software. These smart automatic predictions help you to chart faster.


talkEHR™ fully complies MACRA reporting requirements that make you an eligible physician to participate in the incentive programs.


Prescribe drugs electronically by checking a drug against harmful contraindications and send the prescription directly to a pharmacy with our SureScript- certified electronic prescribing module.

Patient Health Records

Empower your patients by providing them with convenient access to their personal health records with our online patient portal and mobile personal health records application talkPHR.

Patient Charts

Access your complete patient history and data including demographics, medication list in our longitudinal patient chart. You can also create and sign charts at the point of care.


Manage your staff schedules and easily schedule patient appointments. You can also send appointment and wellness reminders to your patients.

Lab Integration

Order labs and receive results directly from our lab partners.

Secure Messaging

Communicate with your patients securely via our smart messaging feature and efficiently meet the quality programs requirement.

Mobile Applications

View the entire snapshot of your day including scheduled appointments, received messages, pending medication refill requests and patient lab results in a graphical dashboard.


Manage your patient support services with our holistic patient engagement tool CareConnector; send wellness reminder calls and immunization alerts to your patients.

Patient Care Anywhere!

With our iPad EHR app, all of your clinical patient information is available in an instant. With a tap and swipe, you can check patient history, lab results and send prescriptions to pharmacies anywhere.

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Streamline your Workflow

Cutting edge architecture and integration of a range of mobile health applications extend the core functionality of talkEHR™ to streamline the natural workflow of physicians.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface of talkEHR™ and the integration of intelligent voice assistant make it very easy to use this software and digitalize your practice.

Encourage Patient Engagement

With access to their personal health records online, your patients can schedule appointments, pay bills, download their health information and securely communicate with you.

Awards & Achievements

MTBC's EHR Included Among Medical Economics Top 50 EHRs

In an effort to help physicians make purchasing decisions, Medical Economics unveiled an exclusive report on the top 50 electronic health records (EHR) systems in 2014. The report examines key metrics, including revenue, certification and whether it has met MU2 certification requirements for complete EHRs or modules. MTBC's WebEHR was featured among the Medical Economics Top 50 EHRs ranking.

Top 10 RCM Solution Providers - 2018

Healthcare tech outlook named MTBC in Top 10 RCM solution providers in 2018 for its outstanding performance. Through this listing, Healthcare tech outlook recognized MTBC as one of the leading providers of revenue cycle management services that are transforming the landscape of healthcare in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, talkEHR™ is ONC-ATCB certified for Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3). Using our EHR, you can qualify for MACRA’s value based payment programs.
Of course, and it is absolutely free! You can connect with us anytime through our forum within talkEHR™, the contact us page or via email.
Yes. The data provided in CCDA format, and from major EHR vendors can be imported for free. We provide free support to import your data onto talkEHR™.
  • Call your current EHR vendor to request for your complete data.
  • You may upload the demographics data using the data import widget. Download the sample file and match your data to the columns. Save and upload the file on the data import section.
  • Note: Please make sure the format exactly matches the sample file. If any records are deemed “invalid” this may be due to a formatting error e.g. hyphens in phone numbers, spaces before the city etc.
  • You may use talkEHR™ with the Demographic information (if provided) while you wait on the complete data from your previous vendor.
  • Once you receive the data, upload the file on the data import section where it says “Import complete data.”
  • Leave the rest to us! We will merge and import the data in a structured format within 10-12 business days, and reach out to you.
    We understand the importance of the security of your data and it is our highest priority. For this reason, we provide a strong data framework and encoding measures which includes:
  • A proficient data system security:
  • Our exceptional data centers ensure the protection of your data through back-ups, biometric security and ongoing surveillance. We use outstanding SSL/TLS encryption to protect your practice from data breaches.
  • HIPAA compliance:
  • To ensure your practice is compliant, talkEHR™ satisfies all HIPAA and HHS certification requirements and is kept up-to-date with new state and federal regulations.
  • Account security:
  • talkEHR™ prevents access to your data from falling into the wrong hands through robust user access levels.
Your practice always has the rights of ownership of its data. Your data can be exported anytime you need.

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